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Oil and Gas Job Overview Oil and gas is a major source of energy in the UK, with three quarters of the primary demand ...

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Oil and Gas Job Overview

Oil and gas is a major source of energy in the UK, with three quarters of the primary demand satisfied by this type of energy supply. Due to the complex and lucrative nature of oil and gas jobs, work in this sector is wide-ranging and requires various specialities and skills. From the physical work of drilling oil and gas to analysing and locating it, jobs for geochemists, crane operators and drillers, to name a few, are available in this sector. There are also opportunities for progression on a rig from roustabout right up to rig manager. If having just left university, a good place to start is Graduate Oil and Gas Jobs. More experienced workers might find their careers progressing to Technical Consulting Manager Jobs.

Oil and Gas Job Education Requirements

An entry-level job on a rig is a roustabout, a labour-intensive line of work that includes tasks such as painting, hauling equipment and cleaning. Workers will need good practical skills, a head for heights and physical fitness. Roustabouts can quickly progress to more skilled roles on a rig, including roughneck and derrickman positions requiring greater responsibility in the maintenance of drills. Drillers and assistant drillers are the next step up and have the task of overseeing a team. Higher up the chain, there is demand for skilled scientists, engineers and managers with the experience and qualifications required to operate the complex technology offshore.

Oil and Gas Job Market

98% of oil and gas work in the UK is done offshore on rigs in the North Sea and Irish Sea. Demand in this sector for skilled specialists such as senior planners, exploration engineers and appraisal specialists has increased, while manual jobs remain strong. The types of employers recruiting include operating companies, drilling companies and contractors.

Oil and Gas Job Salaries

Salaries in the oil and gas industry are known to be lucrative. For an offshore driller an average salary of £40,000 can be expected, while more specialist roles have higher associated salaries. Geologists can earn £50,000, engineers as much as £100,000 and consultants £150,000.

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