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Mystery Shopper Job Overview As companies become more customer-oriented, they come to rely on mystery shoppers to pose ...

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Mystery Shopper Job Overview

As companies become more customer-oriented, they come to rely on mystery shoppers to pose as regular customers and observe the way their stores or restaurants are run. It is usually regarded as a means of supplementing income, rather than a full-time job. Most mystery shoppers will only sign up to a handful of companies, while others take on round-the-clock assignments. The job entails visiting a store or restaurant, making observations, interacting with staff, and usually making a purchase. The mystery shopper must then fill out a questionnaire to report to the company in question. Similar jobs for those interested include part time online survey jobs and part time freelance jobs.

Mystery Shopper Job Education Requirements

Becoming a mystery shopper does not entail any form of education or training as an absolute requirement, but some companies will offer brief training sessions and even certifications. Instead, companies look for certain traits, such as keen observation skills, attention to detail, communication skills, writing abilities, dependability, organisation skills and punctuality. It pays to own a car or some other means of transportation, as travelling may take up most of a day's work.

Mystery Shopper Job Market

Mystery shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and there are marketing research companies that have been offering this service for over a decade. There are companies recruiting throughout the year, and all it takes is simply filling out an online form, and taking on those assignments that are best suited. This is a fairly flexible job market, but also a volatile one, with people signing up constantly. Reputable recruiters never ask for payment in return for registering as a mystery shopper, and it's best for candidates to beware of companies claiming to offer upfront payments.

Mytstery Shopper Job Salary Information

Not all mystery shopper jobs are created equal. Pay rates differ from one company to the other, and from one assignment to the next, and contractors usually work for a fee. An assignment will pay between £5 and £10, and in-store purchases are reimbursed regularly. Moreover, the contractor is required to cover transportation costs. Some companies pay in cash, and mystery shoppers receive merchandise or food in lieu of a pre-set fee. It's also not unusual for the mystery shopper to be allowed to keep their acquisitions after having been reimbursed partially or in full.

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