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Music Jobs Overview The music industry is perceived as a desirable sector to work in. Being a part of producing tracks ...

Music Technician

Brockenhurst, South East/Southern, SO427ZE
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Social Support Assistant

East Grinstead, South East/Southern
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Support Worker

Sittingbourne, South East/Southern, ME104JA
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Music Jobs Overview

The music industry is perceived as a desirable sector to work in. Being a part of producing tracks and albums is exciting and satisfying for employees with a passion for music. Workers are employed in a wide range of roles, including accounting, data entry, and logistics. Jobs more directly related to creating music include technicians and sound engineers, while there are also roles for other creatives, such as designers.

The internet has revolutionised the music industry, with technologies like streaming providing new ways to distribute and profit from music. Programmers and developers with an interest in music are always required.

Musicians themselves have more options open to them, with roles like video game sound designer joining the traditional careers of singer, performer, music directors and composer. Other roles include music teacher and music journalist.

Music Jobs Education Requirements

For entry level jobs in the music industry, GCSEs may be required, along with basic literacy and numeracy. Jobs at a higher level may require a degree, or relevant experience in previous jobs. Technical roles may require a practical qualification.

Many music jobs are secured through working initially as an intern, or by word of mouth. A demonstrable interest in and knowledge of the company's output, as well as the wider industry, can help a great deal when applying for a job at a music label.

Music Jobs Market

The music industry is expanding and changing as new opportunities arise. The market for music jobs is growing year on year.

Music Jobs Salary Information

While the music industry pays its stars well, salaries for other employees are variable. Smaller companies cannot afford to pay as much as the giants of the industry, although they may provide more opportunities for career growth, and may also offer bonuses if they have a great success. Music teachers can expect to earn £22,000 a year in schools, and around £30 an hour offering private tuition.

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