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Motorsport Jobs Overview Motorsport is an exciting field to work in and requires a passion for racing. The industry ...

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Motorsport Jobs Overview

Motorsport is an exciting field to work in and requires a passion for racing. The industry provides a wide variety of employment opportunities for professionals, with engineering the most common method of getting in. Public relations, sales, marketing, quality control, and software engineering jobs are common as well. Job-seekers should keep in mind that many motorsport jobs require significant amounts of travel.

Motorsport Jobs Education Requirements

A motorsport engineering job demands a higher education degree in motorsport, automotive, or electronic or mechanical engineering. A foundation degree, graduate/postgraduate degree or HND is necessary for a majority of the jobs in this field. Motorsport PR jobs, for example, require that a candidate have at least a foundation degree in public relations. Any career path in the motorsport industry, from marketing to event organising, requires an understanding of the industry basics, however.

The UK has Formula Schools that offer apprenticeship courses, and some universities offer MSC in motorsport engineering, with the option of specialising in one specific area, providing a wealth of opportunities for professional wind tunnel technicians, aerodynamicists or model designers, among others.

Motorsport Jobs Market

The motorsport industry has a strong footing in the UK, with the ‘Motorsport Valley’ responsible for thousands of jobs. The need for the best machine and design innovations has led to a demand for expertise in engineering and design, meaning most opportunities for jobs in this industry come from race schools, test labs, motor racing teams, circuit operators, and automotive design companies. Statistics from the NCS show that about 80% of workers in motorsport have full-time jobs.

Motorsport Jobs Salary Information

Science and engineering professionals in motorsport can make an average of £27,000 per year, with more experienced workers earning up to £40,000. A design engineer in the industry averages £33,546, a mechanical engineer earns approximately £36,859, and an aerodynamicist makes £40,000 per year.

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