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Modelling Jobs Overview In United Kingdom there are many opportunities to engage a professional career as model, as ...

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Auditor

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Modelling Jobs Overview

In United Kingdom there are many opportunities to engage a professional career as model, as creative agencies which require models for magazines, television, advertising or to promote specific products are plentiful. Starting a career as a model may be an ideal choice for creative people. You needn't be physically perfect either, as the fashion also require models of all sizes and age ranges and there are many companies which specialize in certain parts of the body, such as hands for skin care products of faces for make-up products. Creative modelling jobs will require certain skills, such as a strong interest in style and fashion, knowledge of makeup and other cosmetics, flexibility and adaptability and the ability to move and pose your body purposefully, naturally and gracefully.

Modelling Jobs Education Requirements

There are no special qualifications or degrees required to work as a model. However, it's recommended to have some experience with fashion jobs or photography jobs and a degree in fashion design or photography may be a big plus. Other useful degrees may be related to marketing or visual arts. For most models, it's also important to be physically fit, good looking and healthy.

Modelling Jobs Market

The number of people working in the fashion industry is decreasing in United Kingdom. Although, the industry is worth £26 billion, the prospects for employment are usually not good for most. This is due to the very high number of interest in this sector, relative to the actual demand. For those who are determined to be successful in this industry, most of the career opportunities are concentrated in London and Manchester, where the fashion industry is most relevant.

Modelling Jobs Salary Information

The majority of models work as freelancers, so it's very difficult to determine an annual pay scale. Most of the payments are made for shoots or campaigns. At the start of their careers, models usually earn around £50 for a photo shoot. Experienced models can earn as much as £1,000 for a photo shoot or a campaign.

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