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Merchandising Jobs Overview An experienced store merchandiser is responsible for ensuring the correct products are ...

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Merchandising Jobs Overview

An experienced store merchandiser is responsible for ensuring the correct products are displayed at the right prices. The work can be conducted for regular shops or for online shops. Jobs in merchandising entail working closely with the company’s buyers regarding product type and quantity, as they are responsible for planning levels of stock, forecasting changing trends, and monitoring sales levels.

Complementing the store buyer’s work, the merchandiser is in charge of the number of lines stocked, overall stock spend, and the quantities in each line. Jobs in merchandising also involve maximising profits through astute pricing, organising promotions, and arranging markdowns on slow moving products. All of this can have a substantial effect on a company’s overall profits.

Merchandising Jobs Education Requirements

As a rule, any jobs in merchandising will require a degree, or HND. Some companies will consider candidates with other relevant qualifications, and consider applications for assistant merchandisers from candidates with good quality A-levels. Degrees in accountancy, business management, IT, economics, and marketing are helpful; and HND in accountancy and finance, business management or retail management would be beneficial.

Merchandising Jobs Market

Jobs in merchandising are available across all areas of the retail sector. Entry levels for jobs in merchandising will vary from company to company and depend on previous experience. Normal entry would be working as a distributor, allocator, or building experience with a merchandising assistant job. Many companies run their own development programmes and for those with the correct aptitude, advancement can be rapid. Being responsible for a team of merchandisers can be achieved within five years, and promotion to senior merchandiser within eight years is not unusual. Experience in merchandising can open up other retail job opportunities.

Merchandising Jobs Salary Information

Working a 40-hour week can be considered the norm, although most large stores would expect extra, as and when required. Starting as an administration assistant or merchandising allocator, one could expect around £16,000. An assistant merchandiser would start at around £18,000, and a junior merchandiser from £22,000 to £25,000. A retail merchandiser with relevant experience would command £40,000+, while salaries for top merchandising jobs within large companies could top £60,000.

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