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Mechanical Design Engineer Jobs

Mechanical Design Engineer Level 1

Uplec Industries Ltd.

£25000 - £27000 / Per Year

Wrexham, WA

Maintenance Engineer


£46000 / undefined

Cardiff, WA

Automation Engineer (remote)

Play Sports Group

Bath, SW

Electrical / Mechanical Engineer

Amazon UK

Rochester, Southern

Mechanical Engineer


Doncaster, Yorkshire

Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer


Kingswells, Scotland

Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer


Aberdeen, GR

Automation Engineer

Amazon UK

Rochester, Southern

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Quantum Group Solutions

£45000 - £55000 / Per Year

Wellingborough, MID

Mechanical Engineer

Randstad CPE

Port Talbot, WA

Maintenance Engineer

Randstad Inhouse Services

£12.5 - £17.5 / Per Hour

Leeds, Yorkshire

Mechanical Engineer

Thatchers Cider

Winscombe, SW

Mechanical Service Engineer

Green Car Depollution


Mechanical Services Engineer

Colchester Borough Homes

£51000 / Per Year

Colchester, HC

Mechanical Design Engineer

The Recruitment Web

£25000 / Per Year

Chesterfield, MID

Fuel Systems Engineer

Smart Recruit Online

Leamington Spa, MID

Gas Service & Repairs Engineer

Morgan Sindall Property Services

Basildon, HC

Maintenance Engineer


£31830 / Per Year

Telford, MID

Mechanical Design Engineer

Eppendorf CryoTech

£45000 - £50000 / Per Year

Maldon, HC

Maintenance Engineer

Smart Recruit Online

£25000 - £30000 / Per Year

Carluke, Scotland

Mechanical Design Engineer Jobs Overview

Mechanical design engineers are champions of utilitarian know-how. But they also love a good design. Mechanical design engineer jobs focus on functional interplays between physics/mechanics and engineering principles to create devices, engines, and systems that power or regulate various types of machinery, equipment, vehicles, aircraft, and building structures.

Do you possess a creative mindset balanced by an aptness for problem-solving? Do you get psyched about prototyping motors, sensors, and other mechanisms? Think about the possibilities: Construction, manufacturing, and technology are go-to industries for many mechanical design engineers, but really, you could be designing anything from the latest composite materials for textiles to life-affirming prosthetic limbs for biomechatronic companies to innovations in machinery for aerospace industrialists to green-leaning, hybrid-solar air conditioners for the average household.

Daily tasks may involve preparing designs using computer-aided design (CAD) software; consulting with fabrication teams to assess achievability; researching what designs competitors are currently offering; providing engineering support during the development stage; evaluating total production costs vis-à-vis final design plans; and testing current models and coming up with solutions to improve them.

Consider the bigger picture by also searching through our comprehensive range of engineering jobs. Or go over these other design-related roles:

Mechanical Design Engineer Education and Skills

Mechanical design engineer jobs are highly technical, so you'll need the proper training or education to apply to these positions. You can initially get a Higher National Diploma (HND) or obtain a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a master's. The latter will help you become a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), which will catapult your career into greater opportunities.

Some examples of mechanical design engineering courses include:

  • Design and Manufacture.
  • Mechanical Design.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Fluid Mechanics.
  • Engineering Mathematics.

Overall, you should be very competent at physics and maths, but many employers will also want you to be a charming communicator—not so you can have a chinwag with co-workers, though. It's rather so you can lay out your plans and ideas in a clear and effective manner. You may need to write reports too. Time management and good organizational skills will also help you succeed. And more information is available on Monster's engineer job description sample.

Update Your Mechanical Design Engineer CV

Hit the ground running with Monster's mechanical engineer CV example. That'll give you some notable pointers to hasten CV creation. You'll want to play up that you're a solutions-oriented engineer with both creative- and analytical-thinking sides. Additionally, make sure to spotlight any concrete abilities you already have, such as:

  • Schematics writing.
  • CAD software and SolidWorks.
  • Blueprint design.
  • Experience with cost estimation.
  • Product development.
  • Performance monitoring and diagnostics/repairs.

Then add some colour with our abundance of CV writing tips, and demonstrate your knowledge in a convincing engineering cover letter to catch those elusive recruiter-eyes.

Interviewing for a Mechanical Design Engineer Job

Options abound in terms of where you may work, although many job seekers will traditionally interview with architectural, manufacturing, technology, or engineering-services firms. Your interview will also vary depending on whether you choose the construction path (e.g., piping, fire protection, building systems, HVAC systems, and the like) or the product/component development route, where you'll work on specific items for any particular project. Generally, though, questions you may be asked include:

  • Can you give us some examples of hardware interface problems you've encountered (and how you resolved them)?
  • What kind of assembly documentation have you written?
  • Are you able to readily alter your designs to adjust for safety or performance specifications?

Shed even more light on what your interview may look like by reviewing Monster's sample responses to many common engineering job-interview questions.

How Much Do Mechanical Design Engineer Jobs Pay?

Location may factor in when it comes how much you get paid, but in terms of the larger umbrella of mechanical engineers, the UK's National Careers Service reports an annual range of £22,000 – £55,000, while design and development engineers should make between £24,000 and £50,000.

Interested in designing machines for automation? A robotics engineer can pull in between £27,500 and £55,500. On the lower end, there are mechanical engineering technicians—who may draw up plans for new industrial parts but also install and fix a variety of machinery—and their salaries go from £18,000 to £40,000.

Become a Mechanical Design Engineer With Monster's Help

You're here because you know that mechanical design engineer jobs are much-needed to ensure our society—the internal elements of the physical systems that run it—continues to progress. Reach your dream by creating a profile so that we can connect you to the most suitable recruiters.