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Marketing Assistant Overview Marketing assistant jobs are as diverse as they are potentially rewarding. Sales ...

Marketing Assistant

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Marketing Assistant Overview

Marketing assistant jobs are as diverse as they are potentially rewarding. Sales representative jobs, digital advertising executives, and roles within the public relations community are only a few examples of the positions that a marketing assistant could be involved in. As the salaries earned may be partially based on commission, a marketing assistant job can also be a financially rewarding title. This employment community is quite strong; therefore, those with the skills and the desire should be able to pursue a career in the field without too many obstacles.

Marketing Assistant Jobs Educational Requirements

It is normal and expected for an applicant within this field to possess a university degree of some sort. According to study.com, some common degrees include a BSc in International Marketing Management, a two-year degree in Advertising, and in some cases, an internship at a reputable firm. Marketing Assistant jobs are also hands-on roles, so it is wise to obtain references from those who are already professionals within the industry before applying for a job. Increased competition also dictates that specialised recognition from the City and Guilds scheme, such as a Level 2 Certification in Marketing, can be worthwhile additions to one's CV during the application process.

Marketing Assistant Jobs Market

The National Careers Service points out that one of the benefits with any Marketing Assistant job is that it may be available on the local, the regional or the national level. This is quite important, for such flexibility is not often found in other fields. This is also a fast-growing industry. According to the Office for National Statistics, it is predicted that over 2.2 million new positions will be available by the year 2020.

Marketing Assistant Jobs Salary Information

Payscale notes that the average salary for a marketing assistant is just over £18,000 a year. This income will dramatically increase if one progresses on to marketing executive jobs and similar upper-level positions. It is important to note here that this basic salary does not take into account bonuses or any type of commission structure.

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