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Manufacturing Job Overview Manufacturing is one of the most lucrative sectors within the United Kingdom. As there is ...

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Manufacturing Job Overview

Manufacturing is one of the most lucrative sectors within the United Kingdom. As there is always a demand for goods and services, countless aspiring applicants will opt for a position in this industry. As should already be realised, this is quite a diverse category and the job titles are just as disparate. A few examples include:
  • Production assembly
  • Product design
  • Factory worker
  • Materials handling
These are quite broad in scope and more specific roles such as industrial product design and food production are just as important to the consumer.

Manufacturing Job Education Requirements

As is frequently the case with large fields, the qualifications necessary to enjoy a lucrative career in manufacturing will depend primarily upon the role desired. An entry-level fabricator or in-house factory worker may need few qualifications while management positions normally dictate that the applicant possess a four-year degree in fields such as business management, accounting, personnel management or even engineering. Another route that can be chosen is to attend a vocational school that specifies in a certain industry. For example, one who is applying for a position as a materials scientist will need to provide accreditation that includes a university degree, the proper certification and prior experience in a similar field. While this scholastic knowledge is important, skills such as attention to detail and the ability to work within a high-pressure environment are just as necessary.

Manufacturing Job Market

Like many modern countries, the United Kingdom is a consumer-driven economy. Thus, the manufacturing sector is extremely diverse. While this is true from a broad perspective, it also needs to be recognised that computers and information technology now exhibit a pronounced presence in the industry. Therefore, many analysts believe that applicants who are proficient in these skills are thought to stand a better chance within the employment market.

Manufacturing Job Salaries

Statistics have shown that the average salary within general manufacturing is £24,595. It is expected that these wages should moderately increase in the future along with the competition itself.
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