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Management and Executive Job Overview The field of managers and executives can be viewed from a rather "top-down" ...

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Management and Executive Job Overview

The field of managers and executives can be viewed from a rather "top-down" approach. In other words, the decisions made by professionals in these positions will directly affect operations, logistics, production and sales. So, it is clear that these roles are indeed both challenging and rewarding. There are various job titles that are available. Some of the most common will include production manager, engineering vice president, director of operations and chief executive officer.

Management and Executive Job Education Requirements

Nearly every management or executive role will require a minimum of four years at an accredited institution. However, it needs to be stressed that the degree in question can revolve around the specific job title. All applicants should boast a bachelor's degree in broad topics such as business management, accounting, or finance. Additionally, more specific duties will likewise require further training. An example may be seen in a commercial management role. Notwithstanding a university degree, candidates may need training in fields such as sales, pipeline management, customer relations and sustainable practices. Although formal education is necessary, a number of character traits are just as desirable. Not only should the applicant have a robust understanding of modern operational practices, but skills such as communications and human resources combined with a strong work ethic are critical.

Management and Executive Job Market

Many analysts feel that managerial and executive positions within the United Kingdom represent more of a "niche" market than broader sectors such as manufacturing or retail. Therefore, such jobs tend to be in high demand. Industries such as engineering, information technology and finance are some of the fastest growing. Therefore, it is observed that upper-tier roles in these fields can offer a rewarding career.

Management and Executive Job Salaries

This is a broad sector and salaries will likewise vary significantly. As a baseline figure, statistics illustrate that a sales manager within the United Kingdom can expect to earn £43,228 per year. The number of positions is also expected to slightly increase across the entire spectrum of management and executive roles.

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