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Maintenance Job Overview Although this sector may not be as visible as other industries that take centre stage in the ...

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Maintenance Job Overview

Although this sector may not be as visible as other industries that take centre stage in the eye of the consumer, maintenance is undoubtedly one of the most critical throughout the United Kingdom. In fact, these roles are very much what allow numerous other sectors to continue to function. As may be guessed, this field is quite diverse; titles such as HVAC maintenance supervisor, auto mechanic, air quality specialist and industrial cleaner are but a handful of examples.

Maintenance Job Education Requirements

As with many other titles in the service sector, the level of training will correlate directly with the skills and responsibilities required. One aspect that is particular to this sector is that on-the-job education can often be just as attractive as an applicant who boasts a university degree. Still, vocational and trade schools throughout the United Kingdom will offer a wide curriculum and many applicants will choose to pursue an education through these institutions before entering the job market. Some of the traits that companies will hold in high regards are excellent problem-solving skills, an attention to detail and the ability to work well with others.

Maintenance Job Market

The United Kingdom is a technically oriented country. Thus, there are many different maintenance fields which exist. Still, it is worthwhile noting that this very same technological proficiency has led to an increasing demand for those who boast a knowledge of computers. While entry-level positions are always available, many analysts will point to the fact that the sectors within maintenance which offer the best chances for upward mobility are those that involve a high level of technological knowledge. Thus, jobs in the electrical, IT and industrial sectors can offer significant future rewards for the skilled applicant.

Maintenance Job Salaries

While there are varied salaries throughout the United Kingdom, analysts point to an expected baseline maintenance salary of £31,830 per year (in regards to property and building maintenance). As should be expected, highly specialised individuals can expect to earn significantly more.

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