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Logistics Jobs Overview Those with jobs in logistics are responsible for ensuring that a supply chain is ...

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Logistics Jobs Overview

Those with jobs in logistics are responsible for ensuring that a supply chain is uninterrupted. This requires that every staff member at every stage of the delivery process be familiar with the entire supply chain. For logistics managers, it means communicating with suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to ensure that goods are available to be transported and that transport companies deliver them on time and in good order. Those in charge must be committed to complete customer satisfaction and, therefore, able to motivate others to strive for the same. Good communication channels are crucial, so those aspiring to jobs in logistics would benefit from being familiar with IT systems that monitor the delivery process.

Logistics Jobs Education Requirements

A successful career in logistics requires a degree with subjects in business management, information systems, logistics, or associated subjects. Some employers may be more demanding than others if the position offered is at a senior level, but all will require such candidates to exhibit the personal qualities and experience that assure good communication and customer satisfaction. Whether persons are employed in a warehouse or the delivery business, they will be required to have knowledge of the communication systems relevant to the position.

Logistics Job Market

Retailers contribute significantly to operations and logistics jobs, as do import/export companies that require an efficiently operated supply chain. Stock control jobs are a major aspect of logistics jobs and positions are often open at both entry and management levels. Airlines and airports are also responsible for a good number of positions in logistics.

Logistics Jobs Salary Information

Salaries in logistics are dependent on the size of a company, its budget and the specific duties required of logistics staff. Distribution managers can start at between £16,000 and £19,000 with further experience and responsibilities possibly raising this to between £25,000 and £35,000 per annum. Senior management can expect £60,000 and above.

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