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Public Sector Library Jobs Overview It's possible to find work in different types of libraries, depending on the city ...

Bank Equipment Library Co-ordinator

St Richard's, South East/Southern, PO196SE
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Bank - Support Worker

Worthing, South East/Southern, BN149LU
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Support Worker

Strood, South East/Southern, ME23DE
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Public Sector Library Jobs Overview

It's possible to find work in different types of libraries, depending on the city or place where you live. Academic librarians roles are slightly different from public librarian jobs; they work alongside teachers or lecturers to facilitate learning and order appropriate resources for students' study. Public librarians work in town, village, or city libraries, and it's their job to organise their libraries and ensure they are stocked with appropriate books and other materials for the use of the community. Some public librarians work in mobile libraries. Public and academic librarians both help library users to access IT resources and find information.

Public Sector Library Jobs Education Requirements

To become a public librarian, it's helpful to have a degree that's recognised by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). If your undergraduate degree isn't in Librarianship, you will need a postgraduate degree - usually a Master's - in the field. It is possible to get onto graduate training schemes to train as a librarian on the job, but these are competitive (and still require Master's-level study at the same time).

Public Sector Library Jobs Market

The specific job will depend heavily on the qualifications or level of experience the applicant has. Those without library-specific qualifications can still find work as library assistants and library shelf-stackers, although the latter positions are usually part-time. Librarians and their assistants may be expected to work at evenings or weekends during busy periods (particularly if they work in a university library) - but jobs are widely available in villages, towns, and cities across the UK.

Public Sector Library Salary Information

A qualified public librarian can expect a starting salary of £19,500 - £23,500 (more in London). Chartered librarians with additional experience can earn closer to £30,000, while head librarians and heads of service can earn £49,000+. Pay scales for academic librarians are very similar. Those who work as shelf-stackers part-time are likely to earn an hourly wage, while full-time library assistants can reasonably expect a starting salary of £16,000+ outside of London.

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