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Leisure Job Overview There are many different aspects to the leisure industry, and it offers a wide range of areas and ...

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Leisure Job Overview

There are many different aspects to the leisure industry, and it offers a wide range of areas and jobs, making it perfect for those beginning a career, those looking to move on to higher roles, or even those who want to change careers. Jobs in athletics have a high profile in the leisure sector. These include roles that involve direct instruction, such as athletics coach, and roles with wider responsibility, e.g. athlete management, athlete scouts, and athlete representation. On a wider basis, there are similar roles to be found in the sports category, including sports coach and sports development, and managerial posts include resort manager and sport management. The beauty industry has positions such as hair stylist and hair styling assistant, whilst the theatre field includes assistant theatre jobs.

Leisure Job Education Requirements

As a general rule, the more senior the post, the higher the level of education required. For example, a senior marketing officer for a sports company may need a minimum of a first degree in a related field such as marketing or management, together with at least 5 years' experience in a sports environment. Many senior roles require a Master's degree such as a MBNA or equivalent. However, an apprentice hair stylist may require few formal qualifications, but a willingness to undertake further training whilst they work. For other jobs, such as fitness trainer, an enthusiasm for sports and leisure activities is an essential requirement. Again, although a formal qualification such as Personal Trainer Certificate or Gym Trainer Certificate may be required, some companies are happy to offer vocational training as needed.

Leisure Job Market

Statistics show that the recent recession has had a significant impact in people's disposable income, and so spending on leisure activities or beauty treatments has declined, making this an uncertain time for the leisure industry job market.

Leisure Job Salaries

A sports coach earns around £23,186 on average, whilst a sports manager salary averages £24, 281. An average salary for a personal trainer is about £50,750.

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