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Legal Job Overview Many people will be familiar with the fact that solicitors, barristers and judges play a key role in ...

Clerk to the Board

Littlehampton, South East/Southern, BN16
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Private Client Paralegal

Eastleigh, South East/Southern, so50 9dq
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Legal Job Overview

Many people will be familiar with the fact that solicitors, barristers and judges play a key role in the judicial system, but there are also a large number of other careers available which are related to the legal system in some form. Legal secretaries, clerks to the court, enforcers and other support functions are all essential personnel to ensure the effective running of the legal system. There are many different branches of law in which to practice. As well as the distinction between criminal and civil law, there are numerous sub-divisions which require specialist expertise. Probate specialists, employment law experts and accidental injury professionals are all legal jobs which provide a niche service.

Legal Job Education Requirements

The educational requirements vary depending on the legal job under consideration. Solicitors and barristers require a relevant law degree followed by additional professional qualifications in their chosen area of expertise. If without a legal degree, some firms will take on a suitable employee to train as a Legal Executive. Legal Executives develop expertise in one area of the law only and there are career routes for them to work part-time whilst undertaking an appropriate course of study. These professions require academically able candidates who are capable of logical thinking and are able to effectively assimilate complex concepts. Paralegal careers also require a high level of educational attainment. The specialist and complicated nature of the legal profession means that legal secretaries and other support workers must still possess specialist knowledge relating to legal terminology and the way in which the judicial system operates.

Legal Services Job Market

Demand for solicitors and barristers remains significant. Candidates that have managed to achieve the high standards required for qualification in these fields should encounter little difficulty in finding employment. Similarly, paralegal personnel and legal secretaries can normally find suitable vacancies easily.

Legal Job Salaries

A solicitor can expect to earn, on average, around £37,500 per annum, whilst a legal secretary can expect to command an annual salary of £21,000.

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