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Learning Mentor Jobs Overview Learning mentor jobs represent a small portion of the positions currently available ...

Learning Environment Lead

The Education Centre, South East/Southern, SO225DG
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Learning Disability Clinical Nurse Specialist

Centenary House Durrington Worthing, South East/Southern, BN132PQ
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Learning Mentor Jobs Overview

Learning mentor jobs represent a small portion of the positions currently available within the educational industry. These hands-on roles will help clients fully comprehend a specific subject. Such mentors are commonly required for the education of both children and adults, including further education jobs. There are also a number of unique fields related to learning mentors. Some examples here include teaching assistant jobs, student aids and general support workers. The number of learning mentor vacancies can provide aspiring applicants with interesting and rewarding opportunities in the future.

Learning Mentor Jobs Educational Requirements

The type of qualifications required normally revolves around the unique role in question. Learning mentor jobs centred around programming may need certifications in languages such as C++, JavaScript or Python. On the contrary, positions that involve higher education should be accompanied by a BSc (or master's) degree in related fields such as teaching, maths or science. Most professional mentors are also likely to boast hands-on experience through apprenticeships and similar programmes.

Learning Mentor Jobs Market

Learning mentor vacancies currently represent approximately 16 per cent of the total workforce. This is due to a lack of applicants with the correct skills and certifications. The number of learning mentor jobs available is expected to increase into the future. The National Careers Service predicts that 338,000 positions will be available by the year 2020. There are also a number of fields to consider within this job market. Some include social work, on-the-job training, probation work and speech therapy.

Learning Mentor Jobs Salary Information

The employment portal, Prospects observes that the average salary can reach up to £25,000 pounds per year. This is assuming that the applicant has a certain amount of experience. Pay grades will also rise when one is employed within a managerial position. In this case, Prospects has found that salaries as high as £32,000 pounds are possible. This does not include any overtime or similar financial bonuses.

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