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Leaflet Distribution Jobs Overview

Leaflet distribution Jobs are an ideal solution for many students, stay-at-home mums and anyone who just wants to earn some extra money. The job usually entails posting leaflets and sometimes catalogues through people’s doors in specific areas, using maps that are provided. Alternatively, a leaflet distribution Job involves visiting busy shopping areas and handing out flyers to passers-by. It’s common for employers to conduct random checks to ensure that the leaflets have been distributed according to instructions. A leaflet distribution Job will often appeal to anyone who enjoys walking and talking to people.

Leaflet Distribution Jobs Education Requirements

There are no formal educational requirements needed for a leaflet distribution job, although a good understanding of both spoken and written English is important. People from all walks of life can do this work and, while physical fitness helps, it is by no means essential. Anyone who is prepared to take on leaflet distribution jobs, no matter what the weather, can apply.

Leaflet Distribution Jobs Market

Any company that wishes to advertise in this way will have a leaflet distribution job available. Local businesses, such as shops, nightclubs, theatres, educational facilities and leisure centres often choose this type of advertising, and are happy to offer part-time jobs accordingly. Applicants should be sure to seek out this type of work from a trustworthy source and do a good job to ensure repeat work. Applicants interested in leaflet distribution might find newspaper delivery jobs to be suitable alternatives.

Leaflet Distribution Jobs Salary Information

The amount of payment for each job varies significantly. Some businesses prefer to pay a basic wage of approximately £6.70 an hour, plus a bonus on completion of the work. However, more often, a leaflet distribution job will offer a set amount per 1000 leaflets, which can range from £40 – £70. It is anticipated that an average person, including a short lunch break, can expect to take around eight hours to deliver or hand out 1,000 flyers.

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