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Journalism Job Overview Journalists research and report on a variety of news stories of local, national, and ...

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Journalism Job Overview

Journalists research and report on a variety of news stories of local, national, and international scope. Typical responsibilities include conducting interviews, keeping accurate records, establishing a network of reliable sources and contacts, writing up stories that conform to the relevant style guide, and attending a variety of events, from press conferences to council meetings or sports events. Journalists must possess strong research skills and be able to meet strict deadlines, work overtime and unsociable hours. Frequent travel is commonly required. In addition, journalists must have excellent written and oral communication skills and be able to communicate with people from different backgrounds and to work as part of a team, as they are required to liaise with editors, photographers, and other professionals in the media industry. Knowledge of shorthand, IT, and photography is important.

Journalists might also find a liking to Editorial Jobs or, with their background, Digital Content Manager Jobs.

Journalism Job Education Requirements

Many journalists begin their career as freelancers, offering their services to local media outlets. Internships may be available to journalism students, and some large employers have graduate training schemes in place, although competition for such positions is stiff. Acceptable qualifications include a university degree in journalism, writing, English, or a relevant subject. Junior roles may be available to those with at least five good GCSEs or two A-levels. Employers are becoming increasingly demanding and require specialised qualifications at postgraduate level, as well as relevant experience. Courses accredited by National Council for the Training of Journalists are highly valued by employers.

Journalism Job Market

Journalism jobs are available in radio stations, newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and digital media outlets. As competition increases, job opportunities in this industry are likely to require expert knowledge of multimedia applications, familiarity with web development programmes, and an understanding of the publishing industry.

Journalism Job Salary Information

Trainees often make anything between £12,000 and £18,000 / year. After training, starting salaries average £22,000, although senior journalists may earn £40,000 / year or more. Salaries vary depending on location, the reputation of the media outlet in question, and whether a journalist specialises in a particular area or not. Generally speaking, salaries are higher for those who specialise in finance, business, or politics.

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