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IT Job Overview Many consider information technology to be the single sector that is growing the fastest within the ...

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IT Job Overview

Many consider information technology to be the single sector that is growing the fastest within the United Kingdom. As countless industries become dependent upon computers and modern logistics, the IT field is becoming more and more pivotal (and indeed necessary) in regards to the efficient functioning of the majority of businesses. Skills such as cloud storage, VoIP systems, data redundancy and web design are now highly prized by employers. So, positions that include information analyst, senior data delivery manager and .net developer are now some of the most lucrative and promising.

IT Job Education Requirements

It needs to be known that job vacancies will attract a great deal of competition; partially due to the fact that such positions are advertised throughout the Internet. Thus, a massive number of applicants dictates that both educational and hands-on experience are necessary. Some of the major two- and four-year degrees associated with an IT position can include computer science, maths, software engineering and business management. Additionally, a trade school can provide the physical experience that employers will desire. Traits including the ability to solve complex problems and a proclivity to meet consistently demanding standards are also very advantageous.

IT Job Market

Like every other developed nation, the necessity for IT positions within the United Kingdom is constantly increasing. In fact, many analysts feel that within the next decade, the demand may even double. This is naturally very promising for both the entry-level and the experienced applicant. Still, there are more individuals keen to capitalise on this sector than in the past. This equates to a higher level of competition. Once, again, this is the reason that education and real-world experience are necessary; such factors can help one to supersede a challenging job market.

Information Technology Job Salaries

Studies have shown that the median salary expected for an IT consultant is £43,688 pounds per year. Management positions will enjoy a higher pay scale and this figure does not include any bonuses, commissions or stock options.

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