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Investment Banker Jobs Overview The role of an investment banker is to provide expert financial advice to companies ...

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Investment Banker Jobs Overview

The role of an investment banker is to provide expert financial advice to companies and institutions, helping them define and achieve specific goals with a focus on profitability. Jobs in investment banking require top research, data analysis, and IT skills, knowledge of a wide range of financial operations and of financial markets (both at global and local level), and the ability to cope with a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment. Typical tasks include carrying out research into the performance of specific companies and markets, writing reports and presenting research findings to fund managers or traders, using financial models to make forecasts, exploring investment opportunities on behalf of their clients, and making research-based recommendations on the best way of achieving financial objectives. Long working hours are standard, and weekend work is not unusual.

Investment Banker Jobs Educational Requirements

This is a highly competitive industry, where only candidates with top qualifications and the right personal drive have a chance of succeeding. To apply to investment banking jobs, employers require an undergraduate degree in Finance, Economics, Accountancy, or Business, although many applicants have advanced qualifications, like an MBA. In addition to that, investment bankers need to undergo industry-specific training by taking CFA qualifications proportional to their role and amount of experience. Recent graduates often take the Investment Management Certificate offered by the CFA, and later move on to advanced CFA courses, like the Chartered Financial Analyst Programme.

Investment Banker Jobs Market

Investment banking jobs are mostly available in London and large urban areas, and typical employers include investment banks, private equity firms, stockbrokers, and venture capital institutions. In some cases, it is possible to apply for financial services jobs or investment analyst jobs, and then move into investment banking via internal promotions.

Investment Banker Jobs Salary Information

Jobs in investment banking pay above the national average, as even entry-level jobs command salaries of £35,000 and above exclusive of bonuses. These alone can double or triple the annual salary. Pay can rise to £90,000 per year for mid-career roles.

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