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Investigator Jobs Overview Jobs in the investigation sector are about conducting research and enquiries to provide ...

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Investigator Jobs Overview

Jobs in the investigation sector are about conducting research and enquiries to provide factual evidence to support a client’s suspicions, to locate missing objects or people, to monitor suspects, and many others. Working as an investigator requires excellent observational and analytical skills. In the U.K., an individual can get an investigator job in various sectors, such as health, insurance, retail, aviation, financial services, and banking. Companies in these industries hire investigators to help in certain situations, such as fraud, theft, and misconduct. Investigators also conduct background checks for company employees, carry out surveillance, and investigate accident claims. Some entities, such as insurance companies, hire in-house investigators to work around the clock. There are also investigative agencies that provide their services to businesses; and therefore, offer job opportunities for qualified individuals.

Investigator Jobs Educational Requirements

Having an understanding of a specific environment will be useful for an investigator. Those searching for claims investigator jobs should have a thorough understanding of how the insurance industry works. Finding an investigator job is more about hands-on experience and proven skills than education or formal training. However, some elementary courses will improve the chances of working with reputable companies. An applicant should have computer skills and an understanding of the law. In some areas of work, self-defence classes will come in handy. An investigator operating in the U.K. must have the proper licensing, a measure recently enforced by the SIA to protect the clients’ interests.

Investigator Jobs Market

The need to keep a business secure and prevent against fraud are reasons the U.K. has a steady stream of investigator jobs available. Investigators can work across different fields, from arts to aviation. The retail industry is responsible for a significant number of loss prevention investigation jobs. More and more companies are setting up to provide investigative services, and the number is likely to keep rising as insurance premiums rise.

Investigator Jobs Salary Information

An investigator job pays according to the amount of work in a particular assignment and the experience of the investigator. A simple background check, for example, would bring in less money than an insurance claim investigation. Also, it will matter in which industry an investigator is working. An investigator working in the banking industry can earn £19,925 per year, on average, an investigator position in retail may fetch £33,000 per year, and an investigator in health insurance can get an average salary of £22,823.

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