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Interpreter Jobs Overview A career as an interpreter offers a fulfilling and challenging opportunity for someone who ...

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Interpreter Jobs Overview

A career as an interpreter offers a fulfilling and challenging opportunity for someone who is fully fluent in one or more foreign languages, and who possesses excellent communication skills. There are three main types of interpreting work. When it comes to conference interpreter jobs, the interpretation is carried out simultaneously with the original speech, and relayed through electronic means to larger groups. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter translates sentence by sentence while the speaker pauses in between. Finally, public service or liaison interpretation is used in less formal situations, such as helping a non-native speaker interact with local service providers or similar.

Interpreter Jobs Educational Requirements

Most simultaneous or consecutive interpreter jobs call for a degree in a foreign language, along with a postgraduate specialist course in interpreting. Additional qualifications or previous experience with economics jobs or other types of work in a business environment can also be helpful, depending on the position in question. For a less formal interpreter job, such as public liaison interpreting, provable fluency is more important than a strict qualification, although an award, such as the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, will be useful in securing a position. In all cases an excellent spoken command of both native and foreign languages is essential.

Interpreter Jobs Market

Competition for positions can be strong, especially in organisations like the EU, the UN, or government agencies, which offer attractive pay and career structures. Public service positions will often be in the form of local authority jobs or similar roles, and opportunities will depend largely on the ethnic make-up of the area.

Interpreter Jobs Salary Information

A starting salary for interpreting work will usually be in the range of £18,000 to £21,000 a year, while experienced interpreters can expect to earn around £30,000 per annum. High-level positions, such as those in international business, politics or diplomacy can pay considerably more. For example, a conference interpreter job within the European Commission can fetch around €55,000 a year as a starting salary.

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