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International Jobs Overview An international job can be in any field, from engineering and marketing to volunteering ...

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International Jobs Overview

An international job can be in any field, from engineering and marketing to volunteering or simple farm work. The majority of international employment prospects can be found in the private sector, but there are some opportunities in the public sector. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are huge sources of international employment vacancies.

International Jobs Education Requirements

Finding work in a foreign land isn't always easy considering there are theoretically equally qualified locals competing for the same jobs. Applicants therefore need to demonstrate that they have something more to offer. International sales jobs, for example, will require a graduate or postgraduate degree in most cases, but a degree alone may not be sufficient, an international NGO might want a potential employee to demonstrate that they are willing to understand and adapt to the cultural norms of that particular country. Speaking at least a little of the language of the country where the position is located is also extremely helpful for both employer and employee and shows a commitment to the job.

International Jobs Market

Due to the pressures of globalisation, more and more companies are expanding into the international sphere, meaning employment opportunities in every industry are opening up. The boom in computing and smartphone technology alone has substantially increased the number of IT jobs available globally. Of course, regions with stronger economies like Europe and the United States will have more opportunities than those whose economies are still struggling, but there are jobs available for qualified individuals, especially those with STEM degrees, all over the world.

International Jobs Salary Information

Pay will vary depending on the role and the country in which the position is located. Naturally, some countries will tend to offer better salary options than others, but this will always depend on the position. An international sales manager working in New York, for example, can make £74,170 a year, while a fruit picker in Australia will likely make substantially less.

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