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Illustration Jobs Overview Illustrators create images for publications ranging from books, magazines comics and ...

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Illustration Jobs Overview

Illustrators create images for publications ranging from books, magazines comics and newspapers to flyers, leaflets, posters, brochures and instruction manuals. Their art may also appear on clothing, in video games, on television and in other markets. In addition to artistic skills, jobs in illustration call for knowledge of a wide range of software as well as the ability to find commissions, negotiate with clients and hit tight deadlines.

Illustration Jobs Education Requirements

Jobs in illustration don't require formal education, but a degree or diploma can be helpful – not only to build skills, but also to attract clients. Illustrators may have certifications in fields such as fine art, graphic design or visual arts. Specialist illustration jobs such as technical illustrator jobs or medical illustrator jobs also have their own qualifications. Experience and a well-developed portfolio count as much as formal qualifications.

Illustration Jobs Market

Most illustrators are freelancers, working on commission from clients in publishing, advertising or other industries. They may approach clients directly or work through agents who advertise their services. Some companies, especially in the video gaming and fashion industries, keep illustrators on staff, as do some large publishers, but self-employment is the norm. Illustrators who work on larger projects will have to work with an art director who will be responsible for ensuring the client's vision is executed. Such experience can lead to oneself being able to fill art director job vacancies.

Illustration Jobs Salary Information

Because most illustrators work freelance, they charge by individual projects rather than receiving a salary. The National Union of Journalists recommends rates for artwork that vary depending on the client and the task: large pieces such as book jackets can earn £600 or more, while smaller pieces for smaller clients can be below £100. Professional bodies such as the Association of Illustrators provide guidance on fees and day rates.

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