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Hospitality Job Overview Typically based in a hotel, guesthouse or restaurant, hospitality workers strive to provide a ...

Catering Assistant

Tunbridge Wells, South East/Southern, TN25AE
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Hospitality Job Overview

Typically based in a hotel, guesthouse or restaurant, hospitality workers strive to provide a premium guest experience for visitors. From housekeeping duties through to catering, bar work, reception duties and hotel management, there is an enormous selection of roles available within this diverse and thriving industry. Shift work is common, including split shifts. Staff are regularly expected to work evenings and weekends as well as during public holidays. As most hospitality workers will be dealing with the general public, good manners, a tidy appearance and a helpful attitude are all crucial attributes to success in this industry.

Hospitality Job Education Requirements

The labour intensive nature of many jobs within the hospitality sector means that there are plenty of opportunities for unskilled workers to find employment. Cleaners, waitresses and housekeeping staff generally require few or no formal qualifications. Kitchen assistants will need a relevant Health and Hygiene Qualification. More skilled roles, for example chefs, will need appropriate job specific qualifications such as a Diploma in Professional Cookery. Senior Hotel Management roles are typically undertaken by graduates. One of the benefits of working within the hospitality sector is that there are significant opportunities for career progression without the need for additional training or qualifications if you have the right temperament for the job, a good manner when dealing with members of the public and don't mind shift work.

Hospitality Job Market

Demand for employees in the hospitality sector remains high, particularly in unskilled and part-time roles. As much of the work can't be mechanised, there is likely to be a continued need for hospitality workers of many different types over the next few years. Even areas of high unemployment will normally have vacancies for cleaners, bar staff or fast food operatives.

Hospitality Job Salaries

A housekeeper can expect to earn around £20,647 per annum, whilst a pastry chef will earn on average £24,600. Cleaners, bar staff and fast food operatives are typically paid by the hour and can expect to earn minimum wage or slightly above.

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