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Horticulture Jobs Overview Horticultural jobs are a good choice for people who enjoy working with plants and nature, ...

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Horticulture Jobs Overview

Horticultural jobs are a good choice for people who enjoy working with plants and nature, have a degree of natural aptitude for physical work, and have 'green fingers'. The range of jobs is varied, from hands-on gardening work and plant production to customer-facing jobs such as garden centre assistants, all the way through to upper management jobs involving running the business side of horticultural companies. Through all levels, a good understanding of and enthusiasm for plants, gardening, and related activities such as an interest in landscaping jobs is very desirable.

Horticulture Jobs Education Requirements

There are no fixed educational requirements for entry level jobs in this area, although Level 1 and 2 college courses in horticulture and gardening can give applicants a grounding of knowledge and skills which could be very valuable in securing a position. Horticultural apprenticeships are reasonably common and may offer a way into this field. On-the-job experience and training can open up attractive career paths for those willing to work hard.

Horticulture Jobs Market

The lack of formal entry qualifications and the wide range of jobs available means that the market can vary widely from area to area. The competition for entry level jobs can be high, so qualifications or every little bit of experience can be of great help. Getting your foot on the ladder in order to gain experience in any area of horticulture, gardening, or other related areas is the best way to enter this particular jobs market and secure a gardener job, and so it's best to start with realistic expectations about salary and working expectations. Nonetheless, for those who find they're suited to the job, it can be hugely satisfying.

Horticulture Jobs Salary Information

It's difficult to give an accurate income estimate because of the wide variety of jobs in the horticulture field. An entry level position could command a salary of between £12k and £19k, rising to £30k and onwards as more experience, skill, and business responsibility becomes involved. It's in the nature of many horticultural jobs for the work to be highly seasonal, so income and work opportunities may be significantly higher in summer than in winter.

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