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Home Jobs Overview Home jobs are generally sought by those who, because of personal commitments, require a job that ...

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Engineering Steel Sales Executive (home-working)

Southampton, South East/Southern, SO140AF
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Home Jobs Overview

Home jobs are generally sought by those who, because of personal commitments, require a job that offers flexible working hours. Opportunities are many and can vary from telemarketing to business development, IT or research. Although hours are flexible, performance levels are not. Potential earnings will depend on whether set standards are adequately met or exceeded. A home job, therefore, allows employees to not only manage their time effectively, but to determine their own earnings.

Home Jobs Education Requirements

Educational requirements for securing a home job depends on the type of job offered. Although telemarketing candidates will generally receive training, they must also possess strong communication skills, a good knowledge of the product or service they sell and a friendly and persuasive manner. As with every other field of business or industry, a home job such as a sales executive or IT person will require an excellent knowledge of that specific sector and recognised qualifications in related subjects. Strong work experience is an added incentive for potential employers. Many employers will offer additional on-the-job training and skills development programmes.

Home Jobs Market

With many companies and organisations recognising the economic benefits of workers operating from their own homes, the home job market is continually expanding. Jobs working from home can be found in almost every sector from IT to health and beyond. Though junior and entry level jobs are available, for example entry level marketing jobs as well as entry level accounting jobs, positions also exist for highly qualified and experienced professionals who require flexible work hours.

Home Jobs Salary Information

Earnings related to the home jobs market are commensurate with job description, business or industry sector and qualifications. Service or sales related home jobs are generally commission-based, while jobs such as freelance writing usually have a set amount per article. Executive home-based positions are highly negotiable and, again, dependant on business or industry sector, qualification requirements and experience.

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