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Healthcare Jobs Overview Across the UK there is a large shortage of qualified healthcare workers in all areas of the ...

Health Visitor (Specialist Community Public Health Nurse)

Within Brighton and Hove, South East/Southern, BN24SE
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Healthcare Jobs Overview

Across the UK there is a large shortage of qualified healthcare workers in all areas of the industry. Occupations in healthcare don't stop at the NHS. The private sector has a growing number of vacancies right across the industry. Positions in hospitals, public and private, nursing homes, home care visitor positions caring for the elderly and disabled, paramedics, ambulance crews, and ancillary staff are available. The Health and Safety industry are seeking both newly qualified and highly skilled management personnel to deal with the ever increasing number of health and safety regulations required in the workplace.

Healthcare Jobs Education Requirements

A good basic education at GCSE level or equivalent is required, right up to graduate level for those wishing to become doctors and surgeons or those seeking management positions. There are so many areas across the healthcare job and career spectrum, it is suggested for applicants to first chose a career path, and then investigate the educational requirements.

There are a plethora of higher educational courses and job specific courses available for those who have decided on a career change to the healthcare sector. And for those already in healthcare who wish to increase their area of expertise.

Healthcare Jobs Market

Vacancies continue to rise across all sectors of the UK healthcare industry. Both the NHS and private sector are actively engaged in advertising farther afield in an effort to fill the growing number of available positions.

Healthcare Jobs Salary Information

Vacancies exist for support staff upwards jobs, and there's no sign of the situation changing anytime soon. Vacancies for health jobs start at over 22,000GBP with the right qualifications.

A large number of vacancies exist for those preferring to work in the commercial side of healthcare industry. Most health and safety management positions command a starting salary of 50,000GBP, plus fringe benefits. Across the board in the healthcare sector, opportunities exist to begin a career which provides excellent job satisfaction with good advancement prospects.

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