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Healthcare Assistant Jobs Overview The role of a healthcare assistant is to ensure the comfort and general well-being ...

Health Care Assistant Rapid Response

Coxheath/Tonbridge Bases, South East/Southern, ME169NT
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Senior Health Care Assistant

Royal Sussex County Hospital, South East/Southern, BN25BE
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Health Care Assistant

Princess Royal Hospital, South East/Southern, RH164EX
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Healthcare Assistant Jobs Overview

The role of a healthcare assistant is to ensure the comfort and general well-being of patients who are immobile or otherwise disabled. This can include washing and dressing, assistance with feeding, taking temperature and pulse readings, and making beds. Shift work is almost always a requirement, so candidates must be willing to be flexible. They work under the supervision of a healthcare professional and, generally, in a hospital, community care centre or a private home. Every applicant will be carefully screened by the Disclosure and Barring Service to determine their suitability in caring for children or the vulnerable.

Healthcare Assistant Jobs Educational Requirements

Experience gained from voluntary care work with vulnerable members of a community will usually be enough as an entry into healthcare assistant jobs. If seen as a career opportunity, candidates can work towards a number of qualifications, such as a Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care, while receiving on-the-job training from experienced colleagues. Adult social care in England requires participation in a 12-week induction programme covering the principles and levels of care expected from anyone entering a healthcare assistant job.

Healthcare Assistant Jobs Market

A wide range of jobs are available, with both private and NHS jobs in institutional and residential settings. The demand for home healthcare assistant jobs also provides many employment opportunities.

Healthcare Assistant Jobs Salary Information

Starting salaries for Health Care Assistant jobs can be between £12,500 and £16,000 per annum, but largely depend on the level of responsibility assumed. Good experience and qualifications can raise the salary for a healthcare assistant job to between £18,000 and £21,000 per annum. In cases where a healthcare assistant is permanently required, free or low-cost accommodation may be included in a salary package. Working night shifts or weekends also generally pays a higher rate.

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