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Gym Instructor Jobs Overview

Becoming a successful gym instructor requires a passion for exercise and the patience and willingness to help others achieve fitness. This includes advising clients on healthier diets and lifestyles, and motivating them to make and sustain necessary changes. Therefore, a gym instructor job is suitable for people with outgoing personalities and great organisational skills, who can lead both group exercise classes and create individual exercise programmes. For the dedicated, gym instructor jobs can offer great opportunities for travel and excellent pay.

Gym Instructor Jobs Education Requirements

Work-based training at a sports centre or gym can provide the Level 2 (NVQ) Diploma necessary to join the Register of Exercise Professionals, while a Level 2 Certificate in health and fitness can be obtained through various colleges, or through private training programmes. Gym instructor jobs will also require a first aid certificate with CPR, as well as public liability insurance. Water-based exercise programmes can also demand a lifeguard qualification. A successful career will then depend on on-going training that broadens teaching skills, or specialist training to work with the disabled. The REP can be contacted for advise on all aspects of furthering a career as a gym instructor.

Gym Instructor Jobs Market

Fitness instructor jobs are available at sports centres and gyms nationwide. Trainee gym instructor jobs are often offered as a pathway towards a recognised qualification. Qualified gym instructors with specialist qualifications have an extensive range of job options, such as on cruise liners or in the sporting field. Amongst all the sports jobs, there is also the option of becoming a personal trainer, which, if a gym instructor has a solid reputation, can be both exciting and lucrative.

Gym Instructor Jobs Salary Information

A gym instructor job generally commands a salary of between £13,000 and £20,000 a year, while freelance instructors earn an average of £10 to £20 an hour. Those in private practice will determine their own value dependant on reputation and demand.

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