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Graphic Design Job Overview Graphic designers are responsible for capturing attention with unique visuals that ...

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Graphic Design Job Overview

Graphic designers are responsible for capturing attention with unique visuals that stimulate a positive interest in an idea or a product and makes them easily identifiable. This does not only involve drawing, but also the ability to utilise any other resource to create a visual message that communicates effectively with a target audience.

Graphic Design Job Education Requirements

A post or undergraduate degree is not essential, although they offer extensive access to design resources, as well as to the techniques and creativity of people who are qualified to guide students through all aspects of graphic design. However, what is most appreciated by potential employers is a portfolio that powerfully demonstrates intensely visual thinking skills, as well as an analytical mind capable of harvesting data relevant to any project and translating a client's vision into an impactful and clear visual representation. This puts strong IT skills high on the list of requirements, along with current knowledge of market trends and demands.

Because of the extreme diversity of employment opportunities within graphic design jobs, it is advisable to specialise in a particular field if candidates hope to achieve the level of expertise necessary to excel in the field of graphic design. Mastering one area like working in a web designer job, before tackling another is how valuable experience is gained that will eventually enable the confidence to tackle a diverse range of projects.

Graphic Design Job Market

The scope for graphic design jobs is as diverse as it is endless. There is hardly an industry that does not require graphics to sell its service or product, and graphic designers can be called on to create eye-catching product packaging, influential political posters, easily understood traffic signs, or be part of a team creating elaborate stage settings.

Graphic Design Job Salary Information

Junior graphic designers can expect to earn between £15,000 and £20,000, while salaries for lead designers can range between £25,000 and £50,000. The post of creative director commands upwards of £60,000.

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