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Government Job Overview Those with government jobs, referred to as civil servants, account for just under ...

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Government Job Overview

Those with government jobs, referred to as civil servants, account for just under half-a-million of the UK's workforce (ONS). A job in government is a publicly funded position at an agency or department in central or local government, such as the Ministry of Defence. Responsibilities in government may include:

  • implementing policies
  • performing clerical work
  • managing a department
  • maintaining a budget

This work is usually performed in an office setting and hours are generally 9-5 with weekends free, although this is not guaranteed as some government jobs operate on a shift pattern or run into the weekend.

Government Job Education Requirements

Government jobs include positions in finance and administration. The education requirements employers will be looking for usually include 5 A-Cs at GCSE level, as well as relevant experience and further education qualifications. In terms of skills, an aptitude for communicating effectively with colleagues and the public is desirable, as is teamwork.

The skills, experience and qualifications needed for government jobs are easily transferable to positions outside this sector. For example, project manager jobs represent a viable career avenue for those who have successfully managed projects within government. Software engineer jobs are also in demand throughout public and private sectors.

Government Job Market

There were just under 450,000 people working in government jobs in 2013, according to the ONS. The Department for Work and Pensions employed the most at just over 100,000, while HM Revenue and Customs and the Ministry of Defence were also significant employers.

Government Job Salary Information

An administrative officer in the government will usually start on £15,000, rising to as much as £20,000 with experience. Public finance positions can command up to £25,000 for trainee placements, with qualified workers earning up to £45,000 and directors £100,000 (National Careers Service).

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