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Government Jobs Overview Working for the government at a local or national level encompasses a varied and diverse ...

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Government Jobs Overview

Working for the government at a local or national level encompasses a varied and diverse selection of jobs. There are roles with town and district councils, regulating bodies, and public sector organisations for a very wide range of skill sets and interests. Organisations run by the government include regulatory bodies, environmental and healthcare agencies, and many groups and departments dedicated to helping and informing members of the public. As with any large organisation, public sector gov jobs include clerical and admin roles, IT jobs, government security jobs, catering, and managerial level posts. In addition, there are many roles requiring specialist skills and knowledge.

Government Jobs Education Requirements

Public sector jobs within the government are open to applicants from almost any background. Some posts require a university degree, sometimes in a specific subject. Politics and economics degrees are obviously desirable for many roles, while other jobs might be suitable for graduates in subjects as diverse as languages and architecture. Other positions may require GCSEs in core subjects, or a qualification or background in a discipline such as horticulture or performing arts. Training is usually offered to the right candidate, and government employees can transfer to different departments by applying for internal vacancies, gaining experience and furthering their careers. A job in the public sector can lead to any number of career paths.

Government Jobs Benefits and Salaries

Government employees tend to enjoy good job security, generous holiday entitlement, and a range of benefits from travel to childcare. Expect to find absolute commitment to equal opportunities, and a supportive workplace environment. There will usually be an excellent pension scheme, and many government employees retire at an earlier age than the average. However, the base salary is often lower than for an equivalent job in the private sector, as are departmental budgets.

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