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Further Education Jobs Overview Jobs in further education extend to teaching positions within a graduate or ...

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Further Education Jobs Overview

Jobs in further education extend to teaching positions within a graduate or postgraduate setting. Professor jobs, full-time teaching assistants and instructors of English as a foreign language may all fall within this broad category. Not only should job seekers possess the correct qualifications, but the very hands-on nature of this field requires excellent communication and presentation skills.

Further Education Jobs Educational Requirements

The majority of jobs in further education are associated with at least a two-year degree from an accredited institution. A Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) is the common undergraduate degree and this alone is normally the minimum. Others who hope to find employment within a university may very well have to obtain a master's degree in the relevant field. It also may be wise to supplement a standard degree with intended fields of study such as geography, science maths or the arts.

Further Education Jobs Market

The online portal, Prospects, states that the market for further education jobs has significantly widened. This has arisen from the increasing role of community centres and the schools themselves. Most major cities and towns should therefore be able to offer a number of titles within this field. As urban centres are continually expanding to meet the needs of a growing population, it may be necessary for a professional to relocate to such locations, although this is not always the case. The National Careers Service expects the number of positions to expand to nearly 1.34 million by the year 2020.

Further Education Jobs and Salary Information

The expected salary associated with further education jobs will revolve around the qualifications that the applicant possesses. Fully qualified lecturer jobs are associated with salaries of up to £36,000 pounds. Those selected for leadership or managerial positions can earn £40,000 pounds or more, depending upon the institution and level or responsibility.

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