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Freelance Writing Jobs Overview Freelance writing jobs are an opportunity for anyone with brilliant writing skills to ...

Localisation Team Assistant (Japanese and Other Languages)

SEGA Europe Limited
Stratford (London)
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Localisation Team Assistant (Japanese and Other Languages)

Sega of America, Inc.
Stratford (London)
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Freelance Writing Jobs Overview

Freelance writing jobs are an opportunity for anyone with brilliant writing skills to show off their talents, whilst also being self-employed and working on their own terms. A freelance writer can be involved in numerous different projects, which can involve:

  • Blogging;
  • Story writing;
  • Creative writing;
  • Legal documentation and letter writing;
  • Web content creation;
  • Technical and description writing.

The freelance writing job is a stand-alone job, which nowadays translates into juggling various SEO jobs and creative writing jobs at any one time.

Freelance Writing Jobs Educational Requirements

Becoming a freelance writer isn't necessarily all about qualifications, although taking creative writing courses can help with technical skills. Being a Freelance Writer is more about personal attributes. These qualities can include:

  • Computer skills required when writing HTML code;
  • Excellent research skills needed in looking up and assessing information;
  • Outstanding writing skills;
  • Being happy to work alone;
  • An ability to accept criticism in order to improve the work;
  • Motivation and self-discipline to work on projects within their set time limit.

In order to further develop their writing skills, freelance writers can attend courses at a local college or even study for a degree. Further education isn't overly necessary if writing standards are high and the work volume is sufficient. There are many types of jobs that require writers to have an educational background, a speciality or a field of interest. Specification writer jobs, for instance, are more suitable for people with a background in engineering or architecture, rather than literature.

Freelance Writing Jobs Market

The writing market is never saturated, and there is a constant demand for dependable writers. Nearly 49% of writers on the market operate on a freelance basis and are, therefore, self-employed, according to the National Careers Service website.

Freelance Writing Jobs Salary Information

The salary and hours for a freelance writer are variable and interdependent. The hours writers will work and the money that they will earn on a Freelance Writing job depends upon their expertise, skill, the work they are offered, and how much they choose to charge, but with so many companies choosing to rely on freelance writers for web development projects rather than have in-house writers, freelance writing jobs can earn as much as most administrative assistant jobs. This would be in the region of £22,000 to £25,000 per year, provided they work continuously.

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