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Food Jobs Overview The food industry is a vast one, comprised of numerous job designations. It is one of the biggest ...

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Warehouse Operations Manager | Fresh Food

Ashford, South East/Southern, TN306RD
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Food Jobs Overview

The food industry is a vast one, comprised of numerous job designations. It is one of the biggest sectors that fuel global and regional economy, and anyone looking for a job in the food industry should have an understanding of this. It also helps to know the various fields that you can work in. Some of these include food manufacturing, packaging, distribution, finance, research, restaurant, quality control, and product development, among others. Working in some of these fields requires not only special qualifications, but passion as well.

Food Jobs Education Requirements

Different jobs in the food industry require varying qualifications. The scope of the job description will typically dictate the education requirements that applicants for food vacancies must meet. Individuals must have a comprehension of the sector. In most cases, a diploma or certificate is the lowest education qualification that will be demanded. In others, such as food inspection and food science jobs, an undergraduate or graduate diploma, or even a PhD might be necessary. Qualifications can also vary from one company to another.

Food Jobs Market

In the UK, recruitment of workers for food jobs has remained steady. There has been an increase in the demand for healthier food as people start to watch what they eat. Urban residents comprise the majority that is concentrating more on health and wellness. The organic food market has been on the rise, and that has led to more employment opportunities. Manufacturers are looking for health and wellness solutions to offer consumers. Food manufacturing jobs are some of the vacancies that companies are advertising for. Some factors affecting the market trends in the industry include food safety and sustainability, food prices, and economic and consumer demands.

Food Jobs Salary Information

When it comes to salary, the industry is highly varied. Factors such a location, job title, education qualifications, skills levels, and the specific field dictate pay amounts. The National Salary Data, for instance, gives an average of £23,769 p.a for food technologists and £34,559 p.a for a manufacturing productions manager, for example.

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