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Firefighter Jobs Overview

Fighting fires is a physically demanding exercise that also requires mental fitness and a strong sense of duty to others. Firefighter jobs involve responding to emergencies speedily and, therefore, are for those who are able to maintain cool thinking in extremely stressful situations. In addition to the ability to operate fire fighting equipment, fire fighters must also have knowledge of emergency medical procedures and have strong communication skills.

Firefighter Jobs Education Requirements

Higher education is not essential for entry into firefighter jobs, although degree courses that enhance the skills necessary for a successful career in fire fighting or emergency services are offered. They include BSc (Hons) in Fire and Rescue, and Fire and Leadership, while others focus on risk management. A good general education, a high level of physical fitness and an even temperament are generally enough to secure a job in fire fighting, as intensive and on-going training will be provided.

Firefighter Jobs Market

Both the public and the private sector across the UK offer firefighter jobs that require various levels of qualification. These range from the RAF to private companies seeking fire safety managers to lead teams of engineers and subcontractors in passive fire installations. The nuclear oil and gas industry, as well as many private chemical companies are among the leading employers of those with fire-fighting and other emergency service skills.

Firefighter Jobs Salary Information

National Fire and Rescue services have a set salary structure for firefighter jobs, with trainees starting on £21,583 and rising to £28,766 on completion of initial training. The private sector is far more competitive, with salaries being commensurate with location, as well as specialised skills. Private sector starting salaries generally commence at around £30,000, dependent on the level of risk management and skills required and the seniority of the position offered.

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