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Facilities Management Jobs Overview Facilities management jobs are key to the smooth running of organisations and ...

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Facilities Management Jobs Overview

Facilities management jobs are key to the smooth running of organisations and exist in just about every business in the UK. People in these roles ensure that buildings and equipment are properly maintained to create a safe and efficient environment for employees to work in. Responsibilities vary depending on the size of the employer and the job position. Typical duties include:

  • Managing the maintenance of buildings such as an office block, factory, school, college, university, hospital, stadium, laboratory or museum
  • Supervising services like cleaning, heating, air conditioning, waste disposal, lighting and decorating
  • Grounds and car park maintenance
  • Handling security
  • Organising health and safety
  • Planning renovations or office moves
  • Managing budgets
  • Preparing tenders for contractors
  • Managing office equipment and systems.

Facilities Management Jobs Education Requirements

People can work in facilities manager jobs with an HND/degree in facilities management, business management or other relevant subject. Postgraduate diplomas and Masters are available in facilities management, which may improve prospects for anyone without a relevant HND/degree. The position requires a varied and complex range of skills. Those with a passion for the job may find there could be opportunities to work their way up to the role from a job such as office manager or from a assistant facilities manager job after learning the necessary skills. With further experience and qualifications, you could rise to a more senior role such as a regional facilities manager in a multi-site business or company director.

Facilities Management Jobs Market

According to the UK Facilities Management Market Development Report published by b2b market research firm Market & Customer Insight (MCi), the facilities management (FM) jobs market is predicted to rise £10.7bn to £117bn by 2017. It’s also forecast that outsourcing is expected to boost growth opportunities for facilities management companies.

Facilities Management Jobs Salary Information

Salaries for assistant facilities managers start at around £18,000 a year. Facilities managers can earn from £26,000 to £45,000 a year, rising to over £60,000 a year in big organisations and regional positions.

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