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Events Management Jobs Overview Event management involves organising and planning various types of events. Someone ...

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Events Management Jobs Overview

Event management involves organising and planning various types of events. Someone looking for jobs in events management should be able to put together an event to suit a particular occasion or celebration. Events management jobs in the UK are readily available, especially in towns and cities with large populations and suitable facilities. An event manager can be a private hire or work for a particular agency. Some companies also hire in-house event managers as parts of their PR departments. In some instances, an event manager may do a lot of travelling, especially if a company or client has to plan an event outside of town.

Events Management Jobs Education Requirements

Employers will look at a variety of elements when hiring individuals for jobs in events management. Event managers can have diplomas or certificate courses in various fields. An undergraduate degree is an added advantage. Employers sometimes look at skills that are transferable like negotiation, management, and planning. Practical experience in a particular field, such as travel and tourism, hotel conferencing, public relations, and live entertainment will come in handy for someone searching for event coordinator jobs. Colleges now have numerous courses that cater to individuals looking to undertake a career in the dynamic field of event management, hoping to fill the emerging vacancies for event manager jobs.

Events Management Jobs Market

Statistics show that event management is a £39-billion industry in the UK, with conference and meetings being the highest contributing areas. Other sectors that contribute to the industry include exhibitions and trade fairs, outdoor events, music events, corporate events, festivals and sporting events. All these provide opportunities for events management jobs. There are over 25,000 companies and businesses which provide services that cater to the needs of the market. The industry has seen a significant increase, particularly in outdoor events over the last several years. Event fundraising is another sector that continues to generate work for event coordinators.

Events Management Jobs Salary Information

Salaries for professionals in events management differ depending on the job level and size of projects. An assistant who is just starting out can make approximately £18,000, while one with several years of experience can average between £16,000 and £35,000. Salaries also vary with region, and city jobs pay significantly more than others.

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