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Event Planning Jobs Overview People plan events for different reasons. It could be a wedding, product launch, ...

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Event Planning Jobs Overview

People plan events for different reasons. It could be a wedding, product launch, conference, trade show, fundraiser or festival. Event planners turn an idea into a reality by painstakingly planning every detail to make everything run smoothly on the day. They may work solo or part of a team, overseeing the project from start to finish from booking the venue, inviting guests, arranging transport, catering and accommodation, booking vendors, speakers or entertainers and arranging technical support. Coordinating every aspect while working to a budget and deadline can be demanding. The job requires good communication and organisational skills and an ability to work under pressure.

Event Planning Jobs Education Requirements

There are many events management courses and while having an NVQ certificate or diploma, foundation degree or university degree may help secure a position, it is not essential. Most training is done on the job and qualifications can be studied for as part of a person’s personal career development while working in the industry. Employers value real-world experience, which could be gained by organising social events or working at a professional event. They are also keen to recruit people with transferable skills learned in other industries, meaning previous experience in a marketing assistant job or a public relations officer job can be beneficial for job-seekers.

Event Planning Jobs Market

The events industry has grown significantly in recent years as businesses recognise the value of brand awareness and professionally planned events. Jobs in event planning exist with large companies, hotels, local authorities and charities, as well as event management consultancies. There is scope for career advancement and experienced event planners can become an events manager or even open their own consultancy.

Event Planning Jobs Salary

Starting salaries vary from £13,000 to £21,000, depending on the size of the employer. With a few years' experience, this can rise to £35,000. Managers can command salaries of £50,000+ with top companies.

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