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Environmental Job Overview Work within the environmental field is extremely diverse, ranging from careers in the ...

Graduate Sales Executive - Environmental Services

Fareham, South East/Southern, PO130YP
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Environmental Job Overview

Work within the environmental field is extremely diverse, ranging from careers in the sustainable energy industry through to jobs relating to ecological conservation work and direct protection of the outside environment. There are also several different openings in industry for workers with an environmental bias. Discovering and implementing ways in which the production of goods can be made more sustainable, become more energy efficient and generate less waste are also jobs which are available within the environmental sector. Careers in recycling, waste management and planning can also fall within the remit of environmental work, as all of these have a major role in instigating policies and practices which are beneficial to the planet.

Environmental Job Education Requirements

The educational requirements vary depending on the career under consideration. Solar panel installation personnel typically require fewer qualifications than an environmental research scientist, for example. Typically professional workers in the field, such as an environmental engineer, will need a good degree as well as post-graduate experience and potentially industry specific qualifications. Because work in the environmental field is so popular, candidates frequently boost their CV with voluntary experience or experience in a related field in order to increase their chances of successful recruitment into an environmental worker post.

Environmental Job Market

The prominence of environmental issues in the public sector, as well as the need for corporate roles to ameliorate environmental impact during the production of goods and in the construction industry, has resulted in a year-on-year increase in relevant available work.

Environmental Worker Job Salaries

Salaries vary considerably within the sector. An Environmental Consultant can expect to earn a salary of around £28,800pa, depending on the exact requirements of the job. Work within the environmental sector is a popular option and there are usually a significant number of applicants chasing each job, particularly for roles connected with conservation. Higher paying environmental jobs can usually be found in industry or privately funded research. Technical posts such as a climate change expert can command a salary of around £70,000pa.

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