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Driving Job Overview Operations and logistics are an ever-growing industry in the United Kingdom, which offers more ...

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Driving Job Overview

Operations and logistics are an ever-growing industry in the United Kingdom, which offers more and more job opportunities, including a variety of driving jobs. From warehouse drivers and delivery drivers to more sought-after positions, such as train or bank drivers, there's a growing demand for these professionals, and no shortage of job offers. Some of a driver's general responsibilities are making sure that the goods are delivered safely and promptly, keeping the vehicle in good working condition, loading and unloading merchandise, keeping a record of deliveries, and handling any customs paperwork, or any other formalities involved. People with experience in this industry can find themselves going up the ranks to Logistic Manager Jobs. Entry jobs can include Truck Loader Jobs.

Driving Job Education Requirements

Certain driving jobs will require a full driving licence, preferably a clean one, and a broad skill set, including basic mechanical or electrical understanding, spatial orientation, the ability to read a map, literacy and numeracy, etc. and even a good general standard of education, including GCSEs in Maths and/or English. Some employers might be looking for highly educated drivers as well, depending on the position. Further skills might also be required, such as having good customer service skills, the ability to maintain focus and to concentrate over long periods of time, a high level of security and safety awareness, willingness to work with a flexible schedule, and being able to react quickly and safely to unexpected problems. Employers seeking drivers for goods, equipment and food transportation have a variety of requirements and specific skill sets in mind, depending on the job. Having previous experience, being qualified for the desired driving position, and possessing a variety of skills all serve to give candidates a competitive edge.

Driving Job Market

Statistics show that driver position availability has grown in the past year, and will keep increasing at a steady rate until 2020 alongside the growth of the transport industry. Recent studies also show that full-time job opportunities tend to take the lead in the transport industry, as employers seek to hire experienced drivers for long periods of time, rather than employ them on a part-time and/or seasonal basis.

Driving Job Salary Information

According to recent statistics, the average driver's annual salary is around £26,000 in the United Kingdom, close to the national median salary. However, the average salary for a lorry driver is £35,000 per year, and that of a train driver rises to £47,000. Even with all the variation, being a driver is an attractive occupation when it comes to possible earnings and job opportunities.

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