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Document Controller Jobs Overview A document controller is responsible for storing, managing, tracking and retrieving ...

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Document Controller Jobs Overview

A document controller is responsible for storing, managing, tracking and retrieving an organisation's documents. People looking for document controller jobs should note that within a project environment, the person responsible for document control is the configuration librarian. The document controller has to make sure that all personnel adhere to the storage process and that documents are properly categorised and annotated.

  • Setting up document retrieval systems
  • Monitoring and making improvements
  • Logging request for information and retrieving the necessary documents
  • Exercising quality control of documentation

Document Controller Jobs Education Requirements

A degree or Higher National Diploma in a relevant subject is usually required. Alternatively, qualifications in the discipline by a recognised body, such as, the Association of Project Management might be acceptable. Personal attributes required include:

  • Leaderships skills
  • Good team working
  • Excellent written and oral skills
  • IT skills, and preferably knowledge of tools like FTP Client, File Net, etc.

People keen to work in a document controller position or similar might want to consider a librarian job or a configuration librarian job.

Document Controller Jobs Market

The market for document controllers is growing due to new laws, disclosure of information and consumer protection. Document controller vacancies are most common in the construction industry, but government departments are another good source of vacancies. Demand for document controllers is good, particularly in areas such as London and other large cities where large construction projects are underway.

Document Controller Jobs Salary Information

The average salary for a document by controller is around £28,000 per annum. However, it very much depends on sector and level of responsibilities, with some posts paying as little as £15,000. The Total Jobs website provides data which suggests that a salary of £40,000+ can be available for a document controller in the oil, gas and alternative energy industry.

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