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Digital Marketing Jobs Overview Digital marketers specialise in promoting brands, products, and services online ...

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Digital Marketing Jobs Overview

Digital marketers specialise in promoting brands, products, and services online through various digital channels, such as social networks, websites, e-mail campaigns, and mobile applications. This role suits resourceful and creative individuals who are good team players and have a keen interest in new technologies. Key skills include having updated knowledge of the best SEO practices, sales and advertising strategies; being comfortable conducting various types of research (from surveys to focus groups), and being familiar with website analytics tools. Report writing and presentation skills are also a must, and understanding the key concepts behind user experience design is a plus. Daily tasks include planning and running online marketing campaigns, analysing the performance and effectiveness of campaigns, developing a company's digital strategy in a way that supports the firm's sales objectives, carrying out consumer research and analysing the data obtained, and presenting the findings to other marketing and PR professionals.

Digital Marketing Jobs Education Requirements

Having knowledge and/or previous experience working in marketing jobs is the most important requirement, but formal qualifications are required when applying to the best-paid digital marketing vacancies given the strong competition that characterises this industry. Valuable qualifications include a degree in subjects such as Digital Marketing, Creative Advertising, Business, or Media & Communications. The postgraduate qualifications offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and by The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing can help improve the chances of success when applying to digital marketing jobs.

Digital Marketing Jobs Market

According to Tech City UK, the number of digital marketing jobs is set to grow by 5.4% by 2020. There is an above-average number of digital marketing vacancies in hotspots such as London, Leeds, Bristol, Reading, and Manchester, and also in fast-growing digital clusters such as Bournemouth, Liverpool, and Brighton.

Digital Marketing Jobs Salary Information

Entry-level digital marketing specialist jobs command average salaries of £18,000 - £20,000. On average, salaries increase by 14% and 26% for mid-career and late-career roles respectively.

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