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Data Analyst Jobs Overview Data analysts work in a variety of industry sectors, manipulating raw data and transforming ...

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Data Analyst

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Data Analyst Jobs Overview

Data analysts work in a variety of industry sectors, manipulating raw data and transforming it into valuable input that informs strategic decisions and improves business processes. The nature of a data analyst job makes it especially suitable for methodical individuals who feel comfortable working with numbers. Data analysts must have flawless analytical skills and must be able to work with large data sets, accurately handling complex information, compiling written reports, delivering presentations, and reporting to sales, operations, and marketing management teams. Strong research, problem solving and computing skills are a must, including knowledge of specialised data analysis software packages, such as SAS, SQL, R, and SPSS, as well as enterprise resource management tools. This is a predominantly office-based and full-time job.

Data Analyst Jobs Education Requirements

The most popular entry route into the profession is via a degree in economics, statistics, or maths. Degrees in other subjects (such as computer science or finance) may also be accepted by employers as long as they have a strong statistical component or provided that the applicants have achieved Certified Data Analyst status via independent training. Other valuable qualifications include postgraduate degrees in business analytics, applied data analysis, and big data analytics.

Data Analyst Jobs Market

According to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, nearly 200,000 jobs in data analysis will be created by 2020. Data analyst jobs are typically offered by market research companies, finance, banking, and IT firms. Public sector bodies and research councils are another source of employment and regularly advertise statistician jobs and financial analyst jobs. Experienced data analysts can also set themselves up as freelance consultants.

Data Analyst Jobs Salary Information

According to the Office for National Statistics, the median income for data analysts across the UK is £27,000. Recent graduates applying for an entry-level data analyst job earn £18,000 / year on average, with salaries increasing to £30,000 for mid-career jobs and £40,000 / year for senior roles.

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