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Criminology Jobs Overview Criminologists play a crucial role in the law enforcement and criminal justice systems, ...

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Criminology Jobs Overview

Criminologists play a crucial role in the law enforcement and criminal justice systems, since their knowledge and skills can help understand the various factors that lead to criminal behaviour and the ways in which it can be prevented. Jobs in criminology require an interest in sociology and psychology, strong research skills (including knowledge of statistical analysis), an analytical mind, and being able to work as part of a team. The role involves collecting and analysing evidence or crime statistics, writing reports, making policy recommendations, creating criminal profiles, and assisting government or law enforcement agencies as and when required. Jobs in criminology are usually full-time and involve a mixture of office-based work and fieldwork. Overtime work is often required.

Criminology Jobs Education Requirements

When applying to criminology jobs, the majority of employers require candidates to have at least an undergraduate degree in Criminology, Criminal Justice, or a related subject, such as Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, or Social Research. Having a specialised postgraduate qualification can help with career advancement, with the most in-demand options being master's degrees in Forensic Psychology, Policing and Law Enforcement, Alcohol and Drug Studies, or Criminal Investigation.

Criminology Jobs Market

Criminology jobs are available both in the public and the private sectors. Typical graduate destinations include government departments, the criminal justice system, welfare institutions, and the legal system. Other opportunities may be advertised as law enforcement jobs, which include police, probation, and prison officer roles. Experienced criminologists or those with an advanced degree can go into teaching by applying to criminology lecturer jobs. Not-for-profit organisations that work with crime victims may also be another source of employment opportunities.

Criminology Jobs Salary Information

Average starting salaries are in the region of £20,000 / year. Jobs in local or central government follow a different pay structure depending on seniority and on whether a role is temporary or permanent. Jobs in law enforcement agencies can pay up to £30,000 / year and increase by up to 50% for senior roles.

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