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Criminal Justice Jobs Overview The criminal justice system is responsible for maintaining the law, as well as ...

Prisoner Custody Officer

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Prisoner Custody Officer

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Youth Offending Service Practitioner

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Criminal Justice Jobs Overview

The criminal justice system is responsible for maintaining the law, as well as preventing and punishing crime. Jobs in criminal justice can be either in the public or private sector. Major employers in the U.K. are the central and local government, the court services, non-profit organisations, security services, and police and prison services. Some of the popular criminal justice jobs include lawyer, immigrations officer, community worker probation officer, fraud investigator, court clerk, legal secretary, prison officer, intelligence officer, human rights officer, police officer, forensic scientist, and intelligence researcher, among many others. All the different professions in criminal justice come with their specific duties and responsibilities.

Criminal Justice Jobs Educational Requirements

Education requirements for criminal justice jobs will depend on a particular field. A degree in criminology or criminal justice is one of the most common qualifications for some of these jobs. Studies in Criminology and Law will equip a candidate for certain roles, such as those that come with solicitor and probation officer jobs. Advanced studies in criminal justice and associated fields will provide more opportunities. An individual with specialist degrees, such as in Forensic Accounting or Alcohol and Drug Studies, can easily find jobs in criminal justice. Those with postgraduate or graduate degree in forensic science can find forensic science technician jobs. Volunteering experience will go a long way in convincing employers of certain abilities.

Criminal Justice Jobs Market

The U.K. has a lot of different bodies, both public and private that are responsible for the way most jobs in criminal justice are carried out. The National Offender Management Service is one of the public agencies that continue to provide employment in the courts, prisons, and probation services. The 43 police forces currently operating nationwide offer a considerable number of jobs; and so does the Crown Prosecution Office too. The formation of welfare and community charities is also setting up platforms for social workers in the criminal justice sector. Private law firms are responsible for a huge number of the criminal attorneys in the industry.

Criminal Justice Jobs Salary Information

Solicitors are some of the highest paid professionals in the criminal justice system. A lawyer can earn between £30,000 and £100,000, depending on their experience and skills. An entry job for a probation services officer ranges between £22,039 and £27,373. Senior PSOs can earn double as much. Ultimately, it’s the sectors and the regions that dictate salaries.

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