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Creative Job Overview Talented artists, designers, writers and experts in computer graphics are just some of the people ...

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PCR Assay Design Scientist

Southampton, South East/Southern
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Creative Job Overview

Talented artists, designers, writers and experts in computer graphics are just some of the people who manage to make a living with creative jobs. Advertising of all types typically involves people in a creative role, including media advertising for the radio, television, magazines or newspapers. Musicians and those in related occupations such as sound recording personnel are also considered to be in creative employment. Jobs within the creative sector are frequently freelance and piecemeal. Selling work can be a challenge and many workers find that they need to take on additional employment in order make a living.

Creative Job Education Requirements

Whilst many creative jobs require a level of natural aptitude, the majority of successful workers in this sector will have undertaken relevant further education. This can range from a degree in Art, Graphic Design or Fashion design through to a City and Guilds or BTEC National Certificate to learn the technical skills necessary to be a camera operative. The development of a portfolio which showcases previous work is often a vital prerequisite to obtaining employment in the creative sector. Beyond a basic level of competence, career progression is often based on producing the type of work which employers want. The more impressive the portfolio, the more likely it is that further work will be obtained.

Creative Job Market

There are relatively few permanent paid positions within this sector, and there is enormous competition for the freelance work which is available. Current fashions and advertising trends shape the type of work which is required, meaning that demand can fluctuate enormously for a particular skill set. Often work within the Advertising or Media sectors offers the best chance of job stability. Despite the insecure nature of creative employment, it is an extremely popular career choice.

Creative Worker Job Salaries

A graphic designer can expect to earn around £29,302 per annum whilst a photographer may earn £36,386. Earnings for freelance work fluctuate enormously depending on the contract and the frequency of employment, as well as the skills of the applicant.

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