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Compliance Jobs Overview Compliance officers are responsible for overseeing adherence to legislation and regulations ...

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Compliance Officer

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Compliance Jobs Overview

Compliance officers are responsible for overseeing adherence to legislation and regulations within an organisation’s activities and to ensure that illegal or unethical practices do not occur within it. They are required to identify, look into and rectify possible compliance risks inside the company. This means developing and revising policies and procedures for the general operation of the compliance program and implementing these successfully.

In addition to financial compliance officer jobs, some related job roles include trading standards officer or a health and safety officer. Trading standards officers ensure a fair and safe commercial environment to protect consumers and businesses, whereas health and safety advisers aim to reduce accidents.

Compliance Jobs Education Requirements

For many roles, an education to degree level is required, though some employers also offer training schemes. Trading Standards departments offer graduate trainee TSO schemes, while non-graduate applicants could consider assistant or trainee TSO posts and then obtain professional qualifications while in the job. Conversely, Health and Safety Officer posts require relevant industry experience - preferably at management level - and, increasingly, degrees at entry level. Good people skills are required with a tactful yet resilient nature, coupled with good judgement.

Compliance Jobs Market

Listings for compliance jobs are currently plentiful throughout England and Scotland, including specialised roles in system certifications and engineering, agriculture, construction, and mining and geology safety. IT security specialist jobs requiring knowledge of the relevant compliance policies are also abundant.

Compliance Jobs Salary Information

Average annual starting pay for a compliance analyst job is currently in the region of £28,700, varying between £19,700 and £42,000. A compliance officer can expect similar rates, differing in both cases between regions and increasing with increments for experience. Salaries for compliance managers are between £31,165 and £55,500, with a midpoint around £41,300. Specialist roles typically attract higher remuneration.

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