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Communications Job Overview Organisations in both the private and the public sectors often employ communications ...

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Communications Job Overview

Organisations in both the private and the public sectors often employ communications experts to assist them in conveying the right message to relevant stakeholders and the general public. Communications includes drafting press releases, maintaining a positive online presence, producing material for publicity purposes and ensuring that service related documentation (for example letters to users) are appropriately designed and distributed. Effective communication is often a key part of a wider public relations role. Communications jobs may be full or part-time. There are also opportunities for remote working, particularly in relation to jobs which have an online focus.

Communications Job Education Requirements

There are no set educational requirements for public relations jobs, although almost all posts will require a good general education and IT skills. Many organisations will want candidates with an appropriate degree, although there are also opportunities for the right person to be promoted in-house if they possess a flair for communications. Individuals generally need to have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences. As part of any PR role is to portray the organisation in positive light, some skills in effective advertising are also useful. Communication roles vary in complexity from the more basic tasks performed by a PR assistant through to senior managerial and departmental head PR roles. Successful employees in the field often develop a portfolio which showcases their work and provides a useful information source for prospective employers.

Communications Job Market

The number of vacancies in the area of public relations and communications is predicted to rise over the next few years, making this a promising field in which to launch a career. By 2020 it is thought there will be around 18,000 more people employed in PR than is currently the case.

Communications Job Salaries

The average salary for a communications worker is around £37,500pa. At the lower end of the pay scale employees can expect to receive £25,000pa. The top end of the pay scale is £47,500pa.

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